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"I believe in spending quality time with my patients in both assessing, treating and educating you as to the condition you are dealing with, what I can help you with as a therapist. I believe that education empowers the patient to better understand what you are dealing with and with that knowledge you are better prepared to manage it, with my assistance. There are some conditions that cannot be cured and we all need to be realistic about this. However, there are very few conditions that cannot be managed, therefore allowing you to maintain a healthy and vibrant lifestyle, in spite of any diagnosis."

- Susan Reynolds

For employers

I have had experience with disability case management for both health care and municipality settings (including oil, gas and utility occupations).

I have developed and implemented policies and programs to address disability management, return to work strategies.

With my background, I can educate your management group and employees as to the legislation and responsibilities of all parties in the duty to accommodate legislation and its impact on employees, and employers as it relates to the disabled worker.

I built the pandemic plans for both health and municipal environments. I have been involved in the development, education and implementation of drug and alcohol policies and procedures in safety sensitive occupations.

I have developed effective return to work programs, both temporary and permanent in nature, to decrease the disability costs to the employer.

I have been very successful in assisting employers to achieve significant reduction of Long Term Disability and Workers’ Compensation costs.

I have developed and implemented physical demands analysis for physical occupations and implemented pre-work physical screening programs with other Physiotherapy Clinics to ensure new employees are safe and capable of meeting the job requirements of the position offered to them.

I can conduct ergonomic evaluations for injury prevention and/or job site modification requirements - both in office and industrial settings.

I can work with chronic pain patients to assist them in managing their pain and maximize their functional abilities. This has allowed them to return to the workforce, again decreasing your insurance costs.