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About Us

"I believe in holistic and comprehensive physiotherapy treatment programs. You will receive one-to-one direct care. Each appointment is booked for one hour with no interruptions or other patients present.
The aim being to educate you about your condition, provide full hands on treatment and tools for you to self-manage any recurrences or manage chronic health issues. I want to maximize your function with the restoration of motion, strength and stability in spite of your condition or disability.
I get you there, you maintain yourself"

- Susan Reynolds

Susan Reynolds

Trained in London, England. Over 25 years of clinical experience - hospitals, private practice, education, disability management and wellness/injury prevention programs.

Fellow in the Society of Orthopedic Medicine - education program throughout Europe, Canada and North America - post graduate program to physiotherapists and physicians.

Educator for the Therapist Assistant Diploma Program at the Medicine Hat College. Supervisor/mentor for student physiotherapists.

Certified physiotherapist practising acupuncture for over 10 years.

Past involvement as a physiotherapist in cardiac rehabilitation, diabetes exercise prescription, “reach for recovery” exercise program for Breast Cancer survivors.

Professional advice/workshops for sporting teams: ice skating, swimming, volleyball, soccer and gymnastics on stretching, stabilization programs and injury prevention.

Injury prevention education and ergonomic assessments for diverse industry groups - health care, municipalities to oil/gas and utility industries.

Development of disability management programs and return to work opportunities for disabled workers.

Broad and Diverse Clinical Experience


any type of muscle, ligament and/or joint strain/sprain. For example - neck, back strains, disc problems or prolapses, shoulder strains/subluxations or dislocations, hip/knee/ankle injuries. Anything affecting the use of the spine, arms or legs.

Fracture (bone break)

After a fracture (bone break) to get you back to full function.


Following surgery to repair any type of injury or after a joint replacement for arthritis or injury (i.e. rotator cuff repair, anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, total knee replacement).

Chronic pain

Chronic pain management for those individuals who will have to learn how to continue to live a full and productive life with the presence of pain - it is doable!

Neurological conditions

After a stroke, or, if you are suffering with a progressive condition like MS, ALS. Learn to maximize your abilities in spite of your condition.

Rheumatology conditions

Rheumatoid arthritis, SLE, etc. I have been very fortunate to work with some amazing specialists and being on the cutting edge of managing such conditions. Therefore, I can help you learn how to better manage your condition with the use of appropriate physiotherapy treatment to allow you to understand when and if you should be active, and when you should rest and when you should get back to leading as normal a life as possible.

Injury prevention

Why wait until you have an injury. I can help you understand what causes injuries and what you need to do to prevent them. This can be for anyone at any age. It can range from top athletes to people who just enjoy activities or daily function without causing themselves a problem. I have had experience in preventing injuries in students participating in swimming, skating, ice hockey as well as more mature individuals playing golf, skiing and other recreational past times. I can do this on an individual or group basis. As this is a pro-active intervention, I am happy to work with you to help anyone or everyone in this endeavour.


This is not just physical well-being. I have experience in assisting individuals who want to be pro-active. I will help you manage all the aspects of wellness: physical, psychological, spiritual, emotional aspects of well-being. I have helped individuals who are fit and well to maintain that status to those who are struggling with some health issues, to maintain and improve their overall wellness.

Women’s health and wellness

Women’s bodies vary greatly from those of men. The beauty and strength of the female body should be embraced and the pathways the body has to go through can be enhanced and supported with the use of physiotherapy. I can help the teenagers in their growth and development as well as helping on the other end of the spectrum in the management and prevention of female conditions like osteoporosis. I can assist women in their promotion of the development of a new life - from conception to post-natal stages, I have experience in supporting and enhancing women’s ability to progress successfully through these amazing stages in a woman’s life.